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If you’re thinking about buying a new dishwasher there are a few things other than which model, size and colour you need to think about. You’ll need to work out what you’re going to do with your old one, how your new one will be connected, whether it has the same connections, adapters or if your new dishwasher has to abide by any new regulations. Sounds complicated, right? By handing over the hassle of installing your new dishwasher to a professional you get the peace of mind that your dishwasher is installed safely and properly. It can save you time, money and the cost associated with something going wrong from a wrongly connected appliance.

Home Appliance Installations Across Chelmsford

We offer a range of home appliance installation services across Chelmsford and beyond, including dishwashers, that you can add on when buying online or as a stand-alone service. Our expert installers have many years’ experience installing a wide range of makes and models of dishwashers. We can install your new dishwasher when we deliver it and can take away the packaging to be recycled, as well as taking away your old appliance. What’s more, our expert installers can come and install your appliance at a day and time that suits you.

Full Dishwasher Rental Service

From safely disconnecting your old dishwasher to unpacking, checking and connecting your new one, our installation services cover everything you need to get your new appliance up and running and ready to use.

If your dishwasher isn’t installed properly then it can not only cause damage to your new appliance but your fixtures and fittings around it. Our expert installers can save you the hassle and cost that comes with an incorrectly installed appliance and make sure you can reap the many benefits of having a dishwasher to make light work of everyday life.

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