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Our client wished to have a high quality home cinema system with the ability of being able to add to it at a later date, without having to chase more cables into the walls/ceiling, and to be able to listen to music in every room of the house.

Because the client purchased his house off plan, it meant that we were able install the cables within the walls and the ceiling before they were plastered and decorated. All of our cables go back to the downstairs cupboard where the equipment is going to sit in a 19” rack and be operated from.

Once the builders had finished the house and the client had completed we started to install the TVs, home cinema system and the full music system that is fed around the house operated by touch screen keypads to control the equipment that is in the downstairs cupboard. We also programmed a Nevo remote control so that the client could walk around the house and still have full control of each room and the equipment at his fingertips.

Equipment installed

We installed a Panasonic 55” screen from the VT range with a full Pioneer home cinema system.  As you can see from the picture above the client opted for a 7.1 home cinema setup using Pioneer floor standing speaker, which are driven by a Pioneer top of the range AV Amp SC-LX85. We also used the top of the range Pioneer Blu-ray player BDP-LX91 for playing back all high definition films. Both pieces of equipment can be controlled over an IP address or by the Nevo remote control that we installed.

The master bedroom  has a Panasonic 47” LED screen from the DT50 range which has 3D, Freeview and Freesat HD turners and a full web browser for the surfing the internet. The kitchen has Panasonic 42” Plasma TV from the VT range that also offers the same facilities.

The music system has a 1TB hard drive music/video server and feeds music and HD films around the house to every TV. In each room we have installed a pair of ceiling speakers for the music system to play though, and a touch screen keypad so the client can have full control of what they wish to play or watch within that room. All this is done independently from the other rooms.

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