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Why Satellite TV Offers Greater Flexibility than Cable

Over the last decade, there has been much debate about the differences between satellite and cable TV and, specifically, which comes out on top. While there are many individual factors to consider, there are plenty of reasons why satellite TV in Ipswich is always the superior option.

To understand why it is necessary to get to grips with how both function and how their relationship with the consumer has changed. For example, satellite TV was considered the inferior choice for a long time, simply because it was more expensive than cable. The two have been around for a similar period, but satellite TV took longer to reach the masses.

Keep reading to find out why satellite TV in Ipswich is the better option for your family entertainment.

From Humble Beginnings

The main difference between cable and satellite TV, at least, to begin with, was that satellite TV served those in rural areas, as opposed to cities and towns. As mentioned, it was not the first choice for most, because it required the installation of a costly receiving dish. These days, things have changed. The technology is more sophisticated but easier to produce. So, the cost has come down, and more people are choosing satellite entertainment.

A Wealth of Choice

If you want the broadest possible range of channels, it is satellite TV that you need. The format has always been able to support more channels than cable. It is a result of a much bigger bandwidth, which enables the electromagnetic waves and satellites to carry more content to subscribers. They also make it easier for providers to make HDTV channels a part of their services and packages. For more choice and variety, satellite TV is the right option.

A Little Extra Mobility

Not everybody knows this, but it is possible to move satellite dishes. If you were to relocate to another property, for example, there is nothing stopping you from taking your dish with you (as long as it belongs to you, of course). Such a move reduces the downtime associated with a relocation – you can set your TV up right away – and this level of mobility means that it is possible to watch satellite TV almost anywhere, providing electricity is readily available.

Short Term Rentals

Also, you can rent satellite TV equipment as part of a short-term lease. There are several different benefits to this. For example, many homeowners are aware of the fact that media and entertainment products age quickly. By the time that you have saved up and invested in the latest model, the chances are that it will be outdated. If you rent, however, you can simply trade in your current model for a newer one whenever it suits. Plus, many providers also include repairs and maintenance as part of the monthly fee

5 Household Items You Never Knew You Could Rent

Many homeowners are new to the idea of renting household appliances. They either don’t know that it is possible or they are not sure about where to go or how to do it. Despite this, every year, more and more people are choosing to lease their fridges, dishwashers, televisions, and ovens, rather than buying them outright. There are several reasons why rentals might offer a better option than all out purchases.

For instance, you might have recently moved house. It is a costly process, and lots of people find that they cannot afford to buy a whole new set of appliances. One option is to take out a short term lease until bigger funds are available. Similarly, an appliance could break unexpectedly and leave the household needing a fast, affordable replacement. With a short term TV or dishwasher installation in Ipswich, this is achievable.

Keep reading to find out about some surprising home appliances that you might not know can be rented, instead of bought outright.

LCD Television Sets

TVs are the most commonly rented appliance because the technology changes so frequently. By the time you have saved up and invested in a new, modern set, the speed of the industry means that it is already becoming outdated. So, if you are keen to enjoy cutting edge entertainment, renting is the better option. You can simply trade in your current set for a fancier one whenever you feel the need.

DVD and Blu-Ray Players

The same rules apply to other entertainment and media appliances, such as DVD and Blu-Ray players. The best way to get your hands on top of the line gadgets, every time that they are released is to take out short term leases. If you work with a local provider, delivery will be fast, and you will not have to pay additional fees.


The best local rental plans offer complete packages. Therefore, it should be possible to include dishwasher installation in Ipswich, if you are planning to lease an appliance of this size. It is a great option for people living on their own for the first time or anybody who needs help with fitting household items. The rental costs included delivery and repairs. If the appliance develops a fault or breaks down, the provider will fix or replace it.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge freezers are one of the most expensive household appliances to buy outright. While it is worth fully owning one, renting can be a helpful stepping stone. If you have just moved into a new property or you are current appliance is faulty, a short-term lease is a fast, affordable solution. It can be a real lifesaver for families with young children.

Washing Machine

When a washing machine breaks down, the only options are to buy a new one immediately (which isn’t always financially viable) or find a temporary solution. Usually, it means spending lots of time and cash at a local launderette. Yet, why funnel your money into such an inconvenient routine, when you could pay for a short term appliance? When you no longer need it, all you have to do is contact the provider and arrange for the contract to be terminated.

How to Fix the Broken Motor in Your Washing Machine

For most homeowners, life would be pretty difficult without a washing machine. We take these handy devices for granted, but you really don’t want to be hauling your dirty clothes to the launderette twice a week. It is hard work, time-consuming, and expensive. It is more economical to invest in a high-quality appliance from a brand like Bosch or Hotpoint.

If cared for correctly, it will last many years. Plus, professional washing machine installations are more affordable now than ever before. You can arrange to rent or buy one and have it installed in your home on the same day. Rentals are a particularly good idea if you’re concerned about longevity because they come with a repair service.

This means that, if the motor breaks down through overuse, a technician will arrive to repair or replace it. To fix a faulty washing machine motor, read our simple problem-solving guide and then call your provider.

Why Is the Motor Important?

Without a healthy motor, a washing machine won’t spin. The component is responsible for driving the drum around and controlling the speed of cycles. This is why yours should be super sturdy and built to last. Generally, the more high powered the appliance, the tougher the motor needs to be to keep it running.

However, the thing to remember about washing machine motors is that they’re not designed to last forever. This is the part of your appliance which, over time, becomes worn down and needs replacing. It is a symptom of age and frequent use, but it shouldn’t happen to a new machine for a long time after purchase.

If you’ve got a faulty motor, either through age or poor quality components, the best solution is to invest in a replacement motor or buy another machine. Both can take time but rented washing machine installations are a helpful, temporary fix. They are also an affordable way to stay functional for families who don’t have the cash for an immediate replacement.

Can I Help My Motor Last Longer?

The good news is that you can extend the life of the motor by using your machine as the manufacturer intended. This means absolutely no overloading. Most homeowners are guilty of this seemingly minor faux pas, but it can put a huge strain on the appliance, so it isn’t worth it. Avoid stuffing the drum with clothes and allow it to cool down between spin cycles.

If you do choose to rent an appliance, rather than buy one outright, remember that these washing machine installations come with repairs as standard. Call your provider if you notice or hear anything unusual. Sometimes, when a motor is under great strain, it will start to produce a squeaking sound and this tells you that there’s a problem.

The added benefit of renting is that you know the appliance has been serviced on a regular basis. It will have been thoroughly inspected before installation, so faults are unlikely. You’ll also get access to the best quality washing machines on the market, at low monthly premiums. The rental can be a short or long term arrangement; many people decide to rent when an old appliance breaks down or they move into a new house.

For more advice on finding reliable washing machine repairs why not call 01206 767600 to speak to a representative and arrange for a rental appliance to be delivered to your home.

5 Reasons Why TV Rentals Are Better Than Buying a Television Outright

The popularity of TV rentals is on the rise. Homeowners are starting to realise that media centres and entertainment consoles are expensive, but short-lived items. You can pay a huge sum of money, upfront, for the privilege of having a super high tech telly. However, the likelihood is that it will have been outperformed by a newer, sleeker model within the space of a year or two.
This is why TV rentals are often the better option. They allow families to benefit from the best technology on the market, without having to commit to it. Plus, the best providers stock all of the big name brands; from Bose to Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sonos. The terms are simple, the payments are manageable, and a reliable company will include repairs as part of the deal.
This guide to the benefits of renting a TV, rather than buying one outright, will help you decide if it is the right option for you.

More Options

Your budget might not stretch to the type of model that you’d like. Why compromise and settle for something unsatisfying, when you could just swap that upfront payment for a much more affordable monthly plan? As you’re renting, rather than owning the television, the fees are very small and you shouldn’t have any trouble making the jump to your preferred model.
No Commitments

As already mentioned, technology moves at an extremely fast pace. By the time you’ve bought a new TV and really started to get used to it, a better model will have taken its place on the market. Renting is a great way for tech-savvy homeowners to stay abreast of new developments and always have the finest entertainment devices close at hand.

Temporary Deals

You might be looking for a television that can fulfil your entertainment needs while you’re in a transition period. For instance, you could be moving house and have no gadgets or devices to occupy you in the first few months. While you save up for your preferred TV or take the time to settle into your new home, a rented appliance will provide everything that you need.

Emergency Solutions

The same applies to accidents and breakdowns. If your current set suffers a mishap and can no longer be used, you can have an affordable rental TV in your front room within hours. When you’re ready to go shopping for a replacement model, you can simply end the lease. It really is that simple. Just make sure that you pick a provider who offers you the right terms.

Repairs Included

Often, when a television breaks down, homeowners don’t even consider having it repaired. They just go out and buy a new one, even if they can barely afford it. This is not very economical because most faults can be fixed. The great thing about TV rentals is that repairs are usually provided as part of the monthly fee. So, if your set has a wobble, you can just call the helpline and a technician will be dispatched to your home.

5 Things That Your Home Cinema Room Can’t Be Without

If you’ve always dreamed about having your own private cinema room, the good news is that it’s a more achievable goal than ever before. These days, the technology needed to create a sleek and stylish home theatre is not just easily available, it is affordable too. From super widescreen TVs to state of the art audio systems, plush interiors, and specialised lighting; there all kinds of different options on the market.

There are a few key items, however, that no high quality home cinema should be without. Technology is, unsurprisingly, a really important consideration. If you want to replicate the magic of a trip to the flicks, you need a cutting edge projector and speakers that can produce crystal clear sound. This is why it is important to work with a reliable, knowledgeable provider that can give you all the advice and expertise you need.

1. Hi Tech Gadgets

Just a little research into the world of home cinema technologies will show you that modern setups are about more than getting your hands on a big screen. Contemporary cinema systems come with all kinds of cool features and accessories. For instance, automated technologies are hugely popular right now; things like retractable TVs, backlit monitors, and touchscreen capabilities are a great addition to a home setup.

2. Blackout Blinds

One thing that you will have to do, if you want to create the perfect environment for movie marathons, is find an efficient way to cover the windows and block out the natural light. Even a small amount of ambient light can reduce viewing satisfaction, so things like blackout blinds are essential. They are usually coated in a special way to prevent light from passing through them, unlike conventional window blinds.

3. Great Lighting

Your home cinema will need great lighting if you want to have the best experience possible. Lots of people invest in backlit screens, because they provide a functional level of illumination without compromising on the quality or clarity of the picture. And, if you get a system that can be entirely remote controlled, you don’t even have to get up to switch off the light. Strip lighting is similarly popular, as it is reminiscent of commercial move theatres and it isn’t too distracting.

4. Media Packages

The great thing about modern home cinema setups is that they don’t have to be restricted to a physical film collection. If you hook your TV up to a content streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, there’s no end to the type of entertainment that you can enjoy. You can jump from action flicks to your favourite US dramas at the touch of a button. With streaming capabilities, the only limit is your imagination.

5. Comfy Seating

Last but not least, don’t forget that a great home cinema needs super comfy chairs and furnishings. Recliners, tall headrests, chunky arms, and even things like drinks holders are a common sight. There are options for every budget and an endless variety of colours, styles, and designs, so you can make sure that your seating choices perfectly match the décor. For the ultimate in luxury, opt for plush leather or suede.

Installing a Home Cinema System in the Right Way

The popularity of home cinema systems has soared in recent years, primarily because of trends that have made their way over from across the pond. In the US, home theatre setups have been a common fixture for years, even in relatively modest houses. People were quick to realise that, if you’re going to splash out on state of the art audio and video equipment, you might as well go a little bigger and create something truly special.
It is certainly worth considering, because most of us invest a great deal of money and time in standard sized home theatre systems. We save up and buy the most advanced HD televisions, the most sophisticated Blu Ray players, and the clearest, crispest speakers. So, why not add a full sized projector and some comfortable, cinema style seats? If skilfully designed, home cinemas are not just bags of fun, they can also add resale value to a property.
This guide to installing a home cinema system, the right way, will discuss some of the things that need to be considered.

There Will Be Lots of Wiring

The end goal should be to create a space that is streamlined, stylish, and practical. This means that you’ll need to find a way to conceal the biggest component of any home cinema system; the wires. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to do this. For instance, you can hide wiring in carefully designed wood panels behind and around the cinema screen itself. This keeps the room looking tidy and it adds an extra layer of style and elegance.

Heavy Equipment Needs Support

It is always best to shop for your electrical (audio and video) equipment before you invest any money in fancy furniture. You need to know exactly how much the heavier components weigh, so that you can buy stands, frames, and cabinets that can support them. This is really important for home cinema setups, because the screen is usually much bigger than it would be in a standard lounge or other living space.

The Acoustics Have To Be Perfect

For most homeowners, technical and design support from an expert team is essential. If you don’t have a background in acoustics, for example, it is going to be very difficult to pick equipment that perfectly suits the space. It is always best to hire the services of a home cinema installer. Most provide a complete package, for a fixed fee, so that you don’t have to worry about picking the right lighting or finding the perfect audio receiver.

The Colours Should Be Dark and Muted

The use of bright colours in a home cinema room is ill advised. They reflect onto the projector or television screen and reduce the image quality. So, it is worth thinking about what you want to do with the décor in the room itself, preferably before our installation team starts work. Stick with dark, muted tones because they are better at absorbing light and won’t interfere with your enjoyment of movies, box sets, cartoons, or music videos.

How to Find the Right Home Cinema Installer

Your choice of home cinema installer can make a big difference to the quality of the final product. Andrews Television is reliable and has a great reputation both in the local area and beyond. Why not checkout our previous projects. When you’re ready, give us a call on 01206 767600 and ask for a cost estimate, alternatively contact us via email or visit us in store today and get your home theatre project off the ground today.

5 Tips for the Dream Home Cinema Room

Not every homeowner gets the chance to create the cinema experience in their own house. And we’re not talking a little popcorn and a fuzzy DVD; the real cinema experience needs a high quality home theatre system, a huge screen, and a state of the art projector. If you don’t have these things, you’re only just getting started.
If you are lucky enough to have the space and the money to invest in a dream home cinema room, it’s important to do things right. You need great seating, adjustable lighting, and the ability to playback as many different formats as you can. Your home cinema should be just as well suited to catching up on Game of Thrones as it is for watching the latest blockbuster.
These great tips and tricks for creating a great home cinema will help you decide where to start and what to shop for.

Keep the Room Dark

The majority of home cinemas do have windows, primarily because it’s hard to find rooms in a house which don’t come with them. However, you can very easily deal with the light by investing in a set of special blackout blinds. These are covered in a unique coating which stops all light from travelling through. For the best possible viewing experience, there needs to be as little daylight in the room as possible.

Consider the Benefits of Automation

If you really want to splash out, you could consider shopping for an automated home cinema system. This is a setup which allows users to control more than just the electronics. While every automated system is different, typical features include the ability to remote control window blinds, overhead lights, cinema seats, and more. These features are worth thinking about if you are keen to get the little details right.

Select the Right Lighting

Daylight might be the enemy of high quality home cinema projection, but you do still need a little internal light. This is especially important for the beginning and end of films, when you or your guests are starting to rouse and move around again. A little LED strip lighting can make a big difference to safety and security, so think about the best way to illuminate the seats and walkways and keep cinema users from tripping or falling.

Think Hard About the Seating

Seating is, in many ways, just as important as the choice of equipment and technology. You could be watching the clearest, sharpest picture in the world, but if you are doing so on an itchy, scratchy, lumpy seat, the enjoyment will be dampened. Give your home cinema some real comfort and authenticity by picking out high quality seating options. You don’t even have to go for the most expensive option (leather). There are plenty of robust fabric seating options available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and patterns.

Open Up Its Full Potential

It is also worth thinking about how you want to use your home cinema. Sure, you can dedicate it solely to big adventures, on the big screen, but this is going to limit its capabilities a little. Why not open up the options and buy technology that is compatible with popular streaming sites? So, you might not always want to watch a big budget action flick. You might want to grab that Sons of Anarchy boxset on Netflix and settle in for a marathon.
Creating your own home cinema takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you get everything right. Rather than run around looking for all the right pieces why not let Andrews Television install your home cinema for you?
Pop in and see us in Short Wyre Street Colchester, or contact us via email or even Call us now on 01206 767600.

What You Should Expect from a Satellite TV Installation

There are lots of different ways in which a satellite TV installation or repair can go wrong. But, most of the time, the problem is down to poor workmanship or a low quality service. Unfortunately, lots of installation companies take advantage of the fact that customers are a little clueless about the process. This is why it is important to pick your provider carefully.
If you need satellite TV installation or repair, work with a company that has lots of positive feedback, reviews, and testimonials. And, know what you should be expecting from the service. Our reliable installers will never try to pass off poor workmanship as legitimate, however getting informed and knowing what constitutes a good installation will help set your mind at ease.
This guide to the most important features of a satellite TV installation or repair will help you get to grips with the basics.

Outdoor Installations

It is a common misconception to think that all satellite dishes need to be placed on the roof. In actual fact, this is not the best location for them. It leaves dishes exposed to the wind and rain and increases the chance of damage. A satellite dish can be safely positioned on the roof, but only if a more suitable location (on the side of the building) cannot be found.
If the dish does need to be placed on the roof, the mounting screws should be properly sealed and protected. Otherwise, they will wear away in harsh weather conditions. The dish needs to be grounded according to official electrical standards. This is very important, as an improperly grounded satellite dish can be dangerous.
Keep an eye out for high quality seals, across the whole satellite TV installation or repair. There should be no loose, hanging cables (wires need to be clipped to the wall) and no holes for the rain to get inside. Waterproofing is an essential part of a top quality satellite TV installation, because if moisture gets into the fittings, the signal will eventually cut out.

Indoor Installations

It is common for unreliable installers to convince customers that snaking, loose wires are acceptable. However, having wiring draped across a floor is very dangerous. You could trip and have a nasty accident. Besides, it simply makes no sense to place cable wall outlets far from the location of the television.
It will not always be possible to position cable outlets exactly where you want them – sometimes, the layout of a room makes things difficult – but, generally speaking, you should try and place outlets close to the TV itself. Don’t be afraid to discuss this with our installers. Ultimately, it is your home and you are paying for the service; if you want something, let us know and we’ll do our best to work around you.
For more information and advice on having a satellite TV installed, why not contact us at Andrews TV or, call 01206 767600 to speak to a sales advisor and request an estimate.

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Satellite TV Package

If you, like most people, pay for the privilege of watching cable or satellite TV in Ipswich, you have likely been on the receiving end of an unexpected price hike at least once. These days, satellite television bundles don’t come cheap, especially if you are a keen lover of football or want to watch the latest movies.
These channels often come with a premium price and this pushes up the monthly cost of satellite packages. However, there are a number of ways in which you can keep bills small and still enjoy your favourite programs. It all about being a smart consumer; understanding what you pay for, knowing what you actually get, and deciding whether it is worth the cash.
This handy guide to some of the best ways to save money on your satellite TV package will help you to become that smart consumer.

Understand Your TV Bundle

One of the most common reasons why television bills climb so high and so fast is that people often fail to read the small print. If you are planning to sign up to a new package or bundle, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. Specifically, make sure that there are no clauses associated with the choice of channels. For example, many service providers offer discounts on movie channels to new customers, but they are almost always short-lived.

Get Your Aerial Professionally Installed

If you live in a particularly windy part of the country, it is a good idea to have your aerial professionally installed by a reliable company like Andrews TV. It might sound like an unnecessary stretch at first, but the huge advantage of having professionally installed aerials in Colchester (and across the recently very windswept UK) is that they come with a guarantee. If your aerial is ever wind damaged or persistently cuts out in poor weather, you can arrange for an expert to come round and take a look at it. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make sure that you are not losing out on channels due to bad signal.

Change Service Providers

A company which installs top quality aerials in Colchester will be happy to work with whatever service provider you prefer; Sky, Freeview, or any other kinds of satellite TV in Ipswich. So, it is worth taking a look at all of the different packages available in your area, in order to see which one offers the cheapest bundles. It is very common for service providers to advertise special rates for new customers. This can be useful if you are looking to change providers anyway, but you need to be very careful and make sure that you know when the introductory terms are set to end.

Remove Expensive Channels

If you are really keen to slash your bundle bills in half and start running a much cheaper form of satellite TV in Ipswich, you might want to rethink some of the more expensive channels. The best example of this is, of course, the movie channels. For providers like Sky, they bring in a huge amount of money, because they carry extra fees. Yet, there are plenty of movies available on the standard channels. Do you really need to pay the extra charges? The same can be said for sports channels, which even the most enthusiastic fans tend to use to watch only a tiny proportion of matches.

To find out more about the benefits of having your TV aerial professionally installed and guaranteed, pop in and visit us at Andrews TV today. Or, call 01206 767600 to speak to a friendly advisor and request a cost estimate.

Buying a Home Theatre System in Post-Christmas Clearance Sales

For many people, the post-Christmas clearance sales in January and February represent an opportunity to grab a real bargain. Everywhere you look, high street stores are selling off toys, clothing, electronics, furniture, holidays, and more at knockdown prices. In fact, electronics always seem to be leading the charge in these sales; things like 3D televisions and 4K home

Theatre systems promise to be big sellers in 2016.

It is also a good time to think about TV rental in Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich if you are not sure that it is the right time to commit to a brand new set. You might be between houses and planning an imminent move after Christmas or just fancy trying out one of the big name models before committing to a full investment; whatever your reason, TV rental can be a valuable choice.
These tips and tricks for grabbing a home theatre system bargain in the clearance sales will help you to find the perfect post-Christmas investment.

Overstock Items

A huge amount of overstock items are sold off at knockdown prices in January, because retailers are trying to make space on their shelves after the Christmas rush. Whilst electronics might not be the most high profile models, they usually include things like DVD players, Blu ray players, LCD television sets, and budget home theatre combinations. The products sold in overstock sales are all brand new and still in sealed boxes, so this can be a great opportunity to pick up a bargain.

Pre-Clearance Items

Alternatively, you could consider TV rental in Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich until the pre-clearance sales kick in. These occur in January and again in the spring months, for a very specific reason. Each January, one of the most famous electronics expos in the world happens in Las Vegas. It sees all of the major electronic manufacturers from around the globe present their biggest and brightest new products. What it means is that retailers have to make shelf space quickly, by selling off older items – this is where clever shoppers can uncover something really special.

TV Rental

For shoppers who are interested in trialling new models before they commit to a full investment, TV rental in Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich is an alternative, but valuable course of action. You can choose from all of the latest models – including state of the art 3D and 4K home theatre systems – at affordable prices and the majority of deals come with repair, insurance, and maintenance services, as standard. If you old television unexpectedly breaks and you need to replace it quickly, but want more time to find the perfect model, a rental set can bridge the gap and make sure that you are not left without entertainment during the winter.

Why not pop in to Andrews Television today to browse our wide selection. Alternatively you could contact us on 01206 767 600 to find out more about TV rental and renting other home appliances.