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5 Tips for the Dream Home Cinema Room

Not every homeowner gets the chance to create the cinema experience in their own house. And we’re not talking a little popcorn and a fuzzy DVD; the real cinema experience needs a high quality home theatre system, a huge screen, and a state of the art projector. If you don’t have these things, you’re only just getting started.
If you are lucky enough to have the space and the money to invest in a dream home cinema room, it’s important to do things right. You need great seating, adjustable lighting, and the ability to playback as many different formats as you can. Your home cinema should be just as well suited to catching up on Game of Thrones as it is for watching the latest blockbuster.
These great tips and tricks for creating a great home cinema will help you decide where to start and what to shop for.

Keep the Room Dark

The majority of home cinemas do have windows, primarily because it’s hard to find rooms in a house which don’t come with them. However, you can very easily deal with the light by investing in a set of special blackout blinds. These are covered in a unique coating which stops all light from travelling through. For the best possible viewing experience, there needs to be as little daylight in the room as possible.

Consider the Benefits of Automation

If you really want to splash out, you could consider shopping for an automated home cinema system. This is a setup which allows users to control more than just the electronics. While every automated system is different, typical features include the ability to remote control window blinds, overhead lights, cinema seats, and more. These features are worth thinking about if you are keen to get the little details right.

Select the Right Lighting

Daylight might be the enemy of high quality home cinema projection, but you do still need a little internal light. This is especially important for the beginning and end of films, when you or your guests are starting to rouse and move around again. A little LED strip lighting can make a big difference to safety and security, so think about the best way to illuminate the seats and walkways and keep cinema users from tripping or falling.

Think Hard About the Seating

Seating is, in many ways, just as important as the choice of equipment and technology. You could be watching the clearest, sharpest picture in the world, but if you are doing so on an itchy, scratchy, lumpy seat, the enjoyment will be dampened. Give your home cinema some real comfort and authenticity by picking out high quality seating options. You don’t even have to go for the most expensive option (leather). There are plenty of robust fabric seating options available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and patterns.

Open Up Its Full Potential

It is also worth thinking about how you want to use your home cinema. Sure, you can dedicate it solely to big adventures, on the big screen, but this is going to limit its capabilities a little. Why not open up the options and buy technology that is compatible with popular streaming sites? So, you might not always want to watch a big budget action flick. You might want to grab that Sons of Anarchy boxset on Netflix and settle in for a marathon.
Creating your own home cinema takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you get everything right. Rather than run around looking for all the right pieces why not let Andrews Television install your home cinema for you?
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