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How to Fix the Broken Motor in Your Washing Machine

For most homeowners, life would be pretty difficult without a washing machine. We take these handy devices for granted, but you really don’t want to be hauling your dirty clothes to the launderette twice a week. It is hard work, time-consuming, and expensive. It is more economical to invest in a high-quality appliance from a brand like Bosch or Hotpoint.

If cared for correctly, it will last many years. Plus, professional washing machine installations are more affordable now than ever before. You can arrange to rent or buy one and have it installed in your home on the same day. Rentals are a particularly good idea if you’re concerned about longevity because they come with a repair service.

This means that, if the motor breaks down through overuse, a technician will arrive to repair or replace it. To fix a faulty washing machine motor, read our simple problem-solving guide and then call your provider.

Why Is the Motor Important?

Without a healthy motor, a washing machine won’t spin. The component is responsible for driving the drum around and controlling the speed of cycles. This is why yours should be super sturdy and built to last. Generally, the more high powered the appliance, the tougher the motor needs to be to keep it running.

However, the thing to remember about washing machine motors is that they’re not designed to last forever. This is the part of your appliance which, over time, becomes worn down and needs replacing. It is a symptom of age and frequent use, but it shouldn’t happen to a new machine for a long time after purchase.

If you’ve got a faulty motor, either through age or poor quality components, the best solution is to invest in a replacement motor or buy another machine. Both can take time but rented washing machine installations are a helpful, temporary fix. They are also an affordable way to stay functional for families who don’t have the cash for an immediate replacement.

Can I Help My Motor Last Longer?

The good news is that you can extend the life of the motor by using your machine as the manufacturer intended. This means absolutely no overloading. Most homeowners are guilty of this seemingly minor faux pas, but it can put a huge strain on the appliance, so it isn’t worth it. Avoid stuffing the drum with clothes and allow it to cool down between spin cycles.

If you do choose to rent an appliance, rather than buy one outright, remember that these washing machine installations come with repairs as standard. Call your provider if you notice or hear anything unusual. Sometimes, when a motor is under great strain, it will start to produce a squeaking sound and this tells you that there’s a problem.

The added benefit of renting is that you know the appliance has been serviced on a regular basis. It will have been thoroughly inspected before installation, so faults are unlikely. You’ll also get access to the best quality washing machines on the market, at low monthly premiums. The rental can be a short or long term arrangement; many people decide to rent when an old appliance breaks down or they move into a new house.

For more advice on finding reliable washing machine repairs why not call 01206 767600 to speak to a representative and arrange for a rental appliance to be delivered to your home.