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Why Satellite TV Offers Greater Flexibility than Cable

Over the last decade, there has been much debate about the differences between satellite and cable TV and, specifically, which comes out on top. While there are many individual factors to consider, there are plenty of reasons why satellite TV in Ipswich is always the superior option.

To understand why it is necessary to get to grips with how both function and how their relationship with the consumer has changed. For example, satellite TV was considered the inferior choice for a long time, simply because it was more expensive than cable. The two have been around for a similar period, but satellite TV took longer to reach the masses.

Keep reading to find out why satellite TV in Ipswich is the better option for your family entertainment.

From Humble Beginnings

The main difference between cable and satellite TV, at least, to begin with, was that satellite TV served those in rural areas, as opposed to cities and towns. As mentioned, it was not the first choice for most, because it required the installation of a costly receiving dish. These days, things have changed. The technology is more sophisticated but easier to produce. So, the cost has come down, and more people are choosing satellite entertainment.

A Wealth of Choice

If you want the broadest possible range of channels, it is satellite TV that you need. The format has always been able to support more channels than cable. It is a result of a much bigger bandwidth, which enables the electromagnetic waves and satellites to carry more content to subscribers. They also make it easier for providers to make HDTV channels a part of their services and packages. For more choice and variety, satellite TV is the right option.

A Little Extra Mobility

Not everybody knows this, but it is possible to move satellite dishes. If you were to relocate to another property, for example, there is nothing stopping you from taking your dish with you (as long as it belongs to you, of course). Such a move reduces the downtime associated with a relocation – you can set your TV up right away – and this level of mobility means that it is possible to watch satellite TV almost anywhere, providing electricity is readily available.

Short Term Rentals

Also, you can rent satellite TV equipment as part of a short-term lease. There are several different benefits to this. For example, many homeowners are aware of the fact that media and entertainment products age quickly. By the time that you have saved up and invested in the latest model, the chances are that it will be outdated. If you rent, however, you can simply trade in your current model for a newer one whenever it suits. Plus, many providers also include repairs and maintenance as part of the monthly fee