Aerial & Satellite Repair Services


(Note a diagnostic fee may apply in the rare event that we cannot immediately identify the fault)


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No matter how good the aerial or satellite equipment you have installed, faults and problems can happen. This can be wear and tear over time or the equipment being moved, or becoming misaligned due to extreme weather.

If this happens we have a complete repair service at your disposal. One of our team will visit your home, assess the problem and let you know whether the equipment can be repaired or will require replacement.

Common problems with aerials can be pictures blocking or freezing, or creating a pixelated image. If you experience any of these problems it can mean the aerial needs attention.

Most aerials will last around 25 years and during the end of the lifespan will start to decay, especially where there are plastic elements within the product.

Wind and rain can cause elements to decay over time. Most repairs are quite simple to complete by a professional, including re-alignment, replacing a reflector plate or the coax cable.



At Andrews Television, we supply and install only top quality, tried and tested aerials that our engineers have on their own roofs, so if a replacement is what you need you know you are in good hands.

We use heavy duty masts and cradles where possible to give the most rigid structure.

Not all chimney stacks can support every size and type of aerial, so if repair is not an option and it needs replacing we will ensure that the new aerial is matched to your chimney stacks capability.

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