Andrews Televison initially began as a TV rental business many year ago. Our business and team have expanded over the years, as has our rental service.

Today we offer a whole host of rental options across TV, audio and home appliances.

New models and technology are appearing on the market all the time and many are becoming wise once more to the benefits of renting their equipment rather than purchasing, so the household can have the latest technology for a fraction of the cost.

Rental also gives the option of changing your TV or music system more often and without the worry of the item becoming faulty, broken and damaged, or having to pay for a new one.

Any technical issues or faults can be dealt with quickly and a replacement provided if necessary.

All our rental products are from top brand names so you know you are renting the best. These include Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Bosch and Hotpoint, to name a few.