TV & Entertainment

At Andrews Television, we have hundreds of products including 4K and HD TVs, sound bars, blue-rays and DVD players, digital TV receivers, stands and wall mounts, as well as other TV and entertainment accessories. As TV technology is something that is ever evolving, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest innovations and to know exactly what to look for when buying a new TV.

At Andrews Television, we are experts in being able to advise you on the best features available – so whether you’re looking to buy a 4K, plasma, LCD, curved or smart TV, we are here to make your buying decision that little bit easier, so you don’t end up spending more money than you need to.



SMART TV’s have a built-in internet connection giving you access to a range of online services such as catch up TV (e.g. BBC iPlayer) and on demand TV for TV and fil streaming (e.g. Netflix), instant messaging, social networking and web browsing.

Most Smart TV's are wi-fi enabled, so that they can be wirelessly connected to your internet router. We have a wide range of outstanding models for you to choose – available at affordable prices, to suit any budget. 

HDTV (High Definition TV)

A TV picture is essentially made up of thousands of pixels or dots, and if you look closely at a standard TV picture you can probably see that it flickers.

High Definition (HD) TV gives a much more detailed picture, that doesn’t flicker even when its shown on a big screen. This is because HD TV uses higher resolutions than standard definition TV and the signal uses a higher bandwidth than a traditional analogue system, resulting in sharper and clearer pictures.

4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)

4K TV offers the very latest technology and is available in a vast range of TV’s that can accommodate every budget, meaning it is the perfect solution if you are looking to future-proof your TV viewing.

4K UHD TV gives incredibly clear picture clarity with outstanding detail, because it has four times more pixels than HD TV, allowing more colours to be displayed than ever before. We stock 4K TV's from all the leading manufacturers, including Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR technology is all about colour, contrast and brightness, creating extremely vivid and life-like images on the screen.


It enables a wider range of colours to be displayed ensuring a better contrast so that watching TV becomes just like looking through your own eyes.


To experience the wonder of programmes made with HDR technology you will need an HDR 4K TV.


At Andrews Television, we can advise you on the very best technology available.

UHD Certification


To make sure that you are buying the very finest in picture quality, look for TV’s that have an Ultra HD certification logo (granted by Digital Europe) guaranteeing Ultra High Definition display.


TV’s with this logo ensure the use of better quality pixels, giving a combination of a wide range of colour and high contrast to bring you incredibly vibrant detail, so that your viewing becomes like looking through a window - it is so life-like.

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